Friday, August 15, 2014

Second Illustration Friday - Keep Rowing

I seem to have alot of "Journey's"  in my sketchbook, this one I call "Keep Rowing" 

Illustration Friday - Journey

It's been awhile since I've submitted anything to Illustration Friday - and I couldn't resist this prompt.  This piece has been shown here before, but it's a perfect example for "Journey".  It was conceived at Heathrow Airport in London, where so many people are taking a Journey from their homeland to a new unknown, hopefully safer home.

A brave Journey.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Praying for Peace

Two paintings completed based on  a view from Buenos Aires from the near by Ecological Reserve.   The first painting below is a calm view of a city from a peaceful tropical oasis. "Peaceful City" I call it.

The second one is called "Praying for Peace" and in my view, the outstretched arms and glowing orange rays depicts both protection and anger. Anger as to what we humans can do to each other, anger that no one is saying "STOP!". Protection because we all need it.

Thanks for the inspiration from Xul Solar, amazing artist.