Saturday, February 15, 2014

Learning about production

What I don't know about production can fill a book.  In working on my portfolio I went to a printer on the advice of a friend and got most everything done and done well.  A few items needed to be redone, so I worked on those today and got them completed. Happily reprinted.  Asked husband for help putting the actual portfolio together and had a shock when the portfolio - advertised as 11x14 - only had pages that are 12x 10 or something like that.  OK, so the COVER is 11x14  - but they don't tell you that.  My production oriented husband was shaking his head that I hadn't measured the inside portfolio papers - but I didn't.

Well, it's all getting sorted out and I will have a good laugh about it in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, I'll have some lovely prints to sell if anyone is interested. Anything on these pages will be up for grabs in varying sizes.  I'll probably put them in my long abandoned Etsy shop.

The edges look funny here but are all white in person.  Ah well, live and learn.


  1. They are wonderful Mim. I hope you do well selling them. I have no money for extras, but I can support you with wishes for many sales :-). xoxo